Tax matters can be so confusing for the ordinary people. Starting from the frequently changing regulations, various forms and also applications that are constantly updated. From here, we are committed to help clients fulfill their tax obligations efficiently and according to regulations.  Here are the tax services we provide:


  • New taxpayer registration (NPWP, EFIN, PKP, Sertel)

  • Monthly & annual tax return reporting (SPT)

  • Assistance in dealing with tax audits

  • Assistance in filing tax objections

  • Tax consultation


A good bookkeeping is one of the foundations of a successful business. Financial reports are not only needed by the company's internal parties, but also by external parties such as potential investors, banks and the government. We help clients in preparing financial reports online while maintaining confidentiality, reliability of information and security of client data. Following are some services related to accounting/bookeeping:


  • Compilation of financial statements

  • Monthly bookkeeping service

  • Catch up bookkeeping service


In accounting, besides the expertise of an accountant, there is one other important thing that must be in place. This is a tool that we call software. In the past 20 years, the accounting process may be sufficiently completed with paper, pencil, and calculator. However, nowadays, reliable accounting software is needed to help accountants prepare financial reports more quickly and accurately. Therefore, we provide several software options to clients who use our accounting/ bookkeeping services. As the saying goes, a weapon is only as good as its user. Similarly, software will work as well as the people who use it. And our team consists of practitioners who are skilled in using these software.


Jurnal is one of the first accounting software from Indonesia that works online. Without the need for installation on a computer device like a desktop application, Jurnal can be accessed anywhere through a browser. For generations who are already accustomed to online work and social media, Jurnal will be very adaptable. The ease of Jurnal workflow will reduce the workload of the finance team in terms of accuracy and speed of report presentation.


MYOB is an accounting software that has long been commonly used in Indonesia. Although it is still a desktop application (offline), MYOB is quite capable of meeting the bookkeeping needs of micro, small and medium-sized companies. The good thing about the offline system is that it does not require an internet network, works smoother, and there are manual backups that can be used when errors occur. 



Harmony is a software that works online to help with bookkeeping work. Users only need to enter business transactions such as purchases, sales, or payments, then the system will work automatically to compile financial reports. The thing that distinguishes Harmony from other software is the conciseness of features and affordable prices. So it is very suitable for micro businesses or businesses that have just started.



Transfer pricing documentation is becoming increasingly common in the world of multinational businesses. Starting in 2016, when Minister of Finance Regulation number 213 was issued (213/PMK.03/2016), the topic of transfer pricing became an important highlight for the Indonesian tax authorities. This is because in the past, it was suspected that there had been profit erosion by companies in countries with higher tax rates that were transferred to affiliated companies in countries with lower tax rates. This was beneficial for business but detrimental to the country. Therefore, the government set a threshold for the obligation to provide Transfer Pricing Documents as a reference to the arm's length principle.